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Support PEP-CV

The PEP-CV platform is a community driven initiative built as a collaboration between funders, institutions, and researchers. It is not-for-profit and requires a small amount of financial support to keep it running.

For 1000 EUR, your organisations can help make this initiative a success. Other rates can be discussed.

  • Supporting organisations will benefit from:
    • Your logo to the website as a supporter, enhancing your reputation and credibility in supporting diverse and inclusive research practices as well as responsible research assessment.
    • Fulfilling the commitments of the Agreement on Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).
    • Showcasing your support for researchers and other staff in developing their narrative-style CVs.
    • Accessing general and non-identifiable reports showing the use of the platform.
    • Receiving tailored reports for use at your institution (depending on the willingness of users to share this information), allowing internal recognition of mentors.
    • Helping to create a culture of collaboration and mutual learning and expanding the national and international networks of R&I staff.

If you are interested in supporting PEP-CV financially, please contact us:

Thank you!